Waltham elections will be held today, according to an Oct. 31 Patch Waltham article.

There are several contested seats in this election cycle, including two candidates for mayor. Incumbent Mayor Jeanette McCarthy and City Councilor Diane LeBlanc are both running, according to the Patch article.

Another city-wide vote is for councilors-at-large. There are six councilor-at-large positions open and eight candidates. An Oct. 1 Patch Waltham article reported that there are five incumbents running for the positions and three new candidates. The only current councilor-at-large not running is LeBlanc.

The candidates running for councilor-at-large include Steve Lydon, Tom Stanley, Colleen Bradley-MacArthur, Kathleen McMenimen, Randy LeBlanc, Paul Brasco, Patrick O’Brien and Carlos Vidal, according to the Oct. 31 Patch Waltham article.

Contested races for ward councilors include Ward One, Ward Two, Ward Three, Ward Six, Ward Seven and Ward Nine, according to the Waltham News Tribune’s Questions of the Week for potential ward councilors. Wards One and Two are contested with no incumbent running, while the other contested races are due to a challenger to the ward’s incumbent.

The University is in Ward Seven, according to the City of Waltham Massachusetts Ward & Precinct Map. The candidates for Ward Seven are incumbent Kristine Mackin and challenger Gregory DeMeo.

If a University student is registered in Waltham and wishes to vote in this election, the polling place for Ward 7-2 is at the Banks School Basement on 948 Main Street at the corner of Main & South Street, according to the city of Waltham.