Continuing their strong season, the women’s soccer team won their only game of the week: an away game against the Eastern Connecticut State University Warriors on Saturday. The Judges did not just squeak out their victory either. The team scored multiple points against the Warriors, ending with a final score of 2–0. The Judges’ season is now at an overall record of 10–5 as they enter the month of November.

First half

The first goal of the game was scored almost as quickly as the it began. Katie Hayes ’20  was assisted by Caroline Swan ’23 to score only 2:27 into the game. The Judges started off strong and this momentum carried them through the rest of the game. Just under five minutes later, Hayes had another attempt at the goal; however, the kick was wide and ultimately unsuccessful. 

The first half of this game saw a large number of shots attempted by the Judges. In the first 27 minutes of the game, the Judges attempted 13 shots. While only the first by Hayes resulted in a goal, this shows the team’s drive. Nine shots were saved by the Warrior’s Alexis Tyrrell, which and kept the Warriors in the game, although throughout the first 27 minutes, the Warriors were unable to take any attempts at the goal against the Judges’ goalie, Victoria Richardson ’20. The rest of the first half was more quiet in terms of shots taken. Both teams proceeded to have fouls against them instead. However, the half ended with a shot by Kerin Miller ’20 that was saved by Tyrrell, keeping the score at 1–0.

Second half

The second half brought much action like the first, including the Warrior’s first attempt at goal at 48:02, which was blocked. Within a minute, the Judges responded with a shot from Juliette Carreiro ’22 that was saved by Tyrrell. Throughout the rest of the game, the Judges had 14 more attempted shots on goal. While 13 of them did not result in any points, one did. In the very last minute of the game, Carreiro was assisted by Hayes to score the Judges’ second game goal.

While the Warriors were shown to have a strong defense, as Tyrrell was able to block so many of the Judges ’ attempted shots, the Judges showed a strong offense. They were persistent in the pursuit of winning and were able to overcome the Warrior’s strong defense to clinch the victory and put the Judges back on their winning ways after losing their prior two games. 

Next up

Next, the Judges will face the Emory University Eagles on Nov. 1. Facing this University Athletic Association rival, the Judges will need to use their momentum from this game to power them into victory. Currently, the Judges have a losing conference record of 1–3.

Player Interview

In an email to the Justice, Miller shined some light on what has made the Judges so successful this season. She said, “I think this group is the perfect combination of hardwork and talent. We always fight until the final whistle blows and I think the character of the team is what has made us so successful this season.” Miller added that because conference games are so essential in determining postseason play, the last few games of the season against their competitive UAA competition are incredibly important to win. However, she said, several players have had to “step up into new roles or positions that they're not necessarily comfortable in” this season, and they have adapted well to make sure that the level of soccer the Judges have been playing  atremains high.