Student Union Vice President Guillermo Caballero ’20 announced at the Oct. 27 Senate meeting that he would resign from his position, effective today. Caballero explained that he did not feel other Union leadership shared his values and visions for the Student Union, but reassured the Senate that he would remain an outside resource for those who need it. According to Caballero, Executive Senator Jake Rong ’21 will be interim vice president until the special election, which will be held in the next two to three weeks. Rong told the Justice on Sunday that he will not be running for vice president.

The Senate elected Senator-at-Large Nancy Zhai ’22 as interim executive senator. The interim executive senator will sit on E-Board for the duration of her term, Caballero said. 

“I love the Senate. Despite the fact that I’m resigning, the only reason why I [didn’t] like a month ago is for you guys,” Caballero told senators.

Later in the meeting, Chief Justice of the Judiciary Rachel Sterling ’21 read a proposal condemning Tatuskar’s actions. After an extensive executive session, the Senate passed a resolution condemning Union President Simran Tatuskar ’21 for her actions discussed in the recent Judiciary case and mandating that she make a public apology. Only Senator-at-Large Josh Hoffman ’21 was opposed.

After Caballero’s resignation, Class of 2022 Senator Joseph Coles read a censure condemning Caballero’s lack of communication with his fellow Union members and asking that he work to change his behavior.

Deis Robotics

The Senate voted to recharter Deis Robotics, which was dechartered at the Oct. 8 Senate meeting due to turning in the anti-hazing form late.

Senate committee chair reports

Health and Safety Committee Chair Josh Hoffman ’21 reported that committee members reached out to representatives of the Prevention, Advocacy, and Resource Center, Facilities Services and the Department of Community Living to arrange meetings. Hoffman also said that the problem of alleged racism and ableism in the Chemistry Department has been resolved. “There are probably going to be some new help-wanted ads on Indeed very soon,” he said. Hoffman confirmed with the Justice on Sunday that several individuals had been fired.

Social Justice and Diversity Committee Chair Joyce Huang ’22 reported that the committee would be holding an event to showcase applications for the Multicultural Council and to gauge interest in the council. The event will tentatively take place in the Shapiro Campus Center. 

On Monday, Oct. 27 and Tuesday, Oct. 28 the Dining Committee will sponsor open forums to discuss the University’s new dining contract and to allow students to voice their opinions on the dining program. 

Services and Outreach Committee Chair Alison Leibowitz ’20 reported that the committee is in the process of creating T-shirt designs for the Midnight Buffet. The committee will order T-shirts by Nov. 7, she said.

Sustainability Committee Chair Oliver Price ’20 said that there would be a Meatless Monday promotion event. He also said that the committee’s work has been “redundant” lately because of the work done by Mary Fischer and the Brandeis Sustainability Ambassadors.

New business

Caballero appointed Joshua Feld ’22 as the co-chair of the Dining Committee.

The Senate voted by acclamation to confirm Kruti Jethwa ’22 to the position of Director of Community Involvement.

Coles discussed the proposal of a constitutional amendment that would allow the president and vice president to run together as a ticket in hopes of lessening the potential for conflict between the two officers. If nine senators co-sponsor the amendment, the amendment will go to a vote by the student body.

The position for the second Racial Minority Senator seat is open and will go to a vote during the upcoming special election.

—Editor’s Note: Chief Justice of the Judiciary Rachel Sterling is an Arts Staff Writer and Senator Trevor Filseth is a Forum Staff Writer.

—This article was amended to reflect that Rachel Sterling's position is the chief justice of the Judiciary.