Welcome back! Starting this past summer, the Rose Art Museum will be open year-round, including the summer break and other major holidays. To help you plan your next visit, here are some of the upcoming events hosted by the museum. More detailed information can be found on the Rose Art Museum’s website.


June 20 to Jan 5

  From paintings to sculptures to videos, 43 pieces created after 1957 were picked from the collections of the Rose Art Museum and will be exhibited throughout the fall semester. The collection of modern art showcases the efforts of artists early in their careers to break boundaries between different art forms and experiment with different media.


Sep 21 to Jan 5

  Known for her projects created in New York City, Chicago and many other urban environments, Matta-Clark’s photographs, paintings and film projects focus on housing rights, the public and private spaces. By creating works related to urban development and issues that come with it, Gordon Matta-Clark aspires to spark conversations about the relationship between capitalism and urbanization.


Sep 20 to March 8

  Looking for ways to redefine how we practice problem-solving communication, “The Meeting” launches the first iteration of INDEX, a place for people to rethink ways to establish a connection with content. In this new initiative at the museum, INDEX artists will create interactive platforms based on the environment to provoke conversations that are more open and effective when it comes to conflict mediation.