Presence, a new website for Brandeis organizations, clubs, and events, launched on Aug. 31.

Using their normal Brandeis login credentials, students can now log into their Presence account. Students can search for clubs they are interested in joining and events that organizations are hosting. 

The website is broken down into four sections: organizations, events, forms and accounts. As of press time, there are 83 organizations on Presence that give general information on the club, including where and when they meet, the club’s mission and a link to their website if they have one. To search for a campus organization, a student can type the name of what they are looking for into the search bar, or they can browse by categories such as Academic, Arts and Culture, Competition, Media and Publication, Performance, Political and Activism, Service, Special Interest, Spiritual and Religious, Sports and Fitness and University Offices. Students can also limit the search by only searching by organizations they are members of, new organizations, upcoming events or any combination of the three. 

“Presence seems like a relatively good system of cataloging and recognizing clubs. At the moment it is a little odd as it has not been fully updated or completed by most clubs. However, when it is fully up and running it seems to have the potential to make finding clubs easy and updating club information simple,” said Lissa Sangree-Calabrese '22, the captain of the Cheerleading Team.

Students have the ability to contact and join the club through the website. When clicking the “Events” category, it brings the student to upcoming campus events in chronological order. The website gives the time and location for each event, a way to contact the people hosting the event, an option to RSVP and further details about the event. Students can also add any of these events to their Google Calendar through Presence. 

Under “Forms,” students can find the Event Registration and the Food Waiver forms. Students can have their events approved and added to the events portal and can fill out a form for any organization that requires food for their meetings. 

Under the “Account” tab, students can view their profiles or log out. Under the “Profile” section, students can find what organizations and events they have signed up for and any responses that they have submitted to the website thus far. 

Emma Ghalili '22, one of the Co-Presidents of Partners in Health Engage Brandeis, said, “I like that we are getting a new system to look up clubs but it is hard for some people to figure it out because it is new and not all the information is updated. As soon as everything is up and running I am sure it is going to be great.”

—Editor's Note: In a previous version of the article, Emma Ghalili's last name was spelled incorrectly.