After the Judges lost to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineers, the team has risen and conquered all of the teams that they have faced since. This week, the team played against two more teams that now leave the Judges in a four-game winning streak heading into their Tuesday matchup with the Tufts University Jumbos — Clark University and Babson College. Following their victories against the Cougars and Beavers, the team has an overall season record of 4–1. As the Judges continue to build momentum, they look ahead at the chance at the NCAA tournament later in the season. 

Clark 0, Judges 2

The Judges’ conquest against the Cougars was a chance for Jessica Herman ’23 to prove she is a force to be reckoned with. Herman scored both goals of the day which ultimately decided the game for Brandeis when the team’s defense prevented Clark from scoring a single point. 

The game began relatively slow as the Judges attempted three shots and Clark only two, but neither was able to muster the power to actually scorE any points. In the first 45 minutes of play, the Judges were prevented from scoring by the Cougar’s Morgan Small. However, once the second half began, the Judges were set up to prevail. While Clark was only able to shoot six times, the Brandeis offense built up the power to have ten attempts at the goal. In the 62nd minute of play, Herman was able to make her first collegiate goal, followed by a second shortly after in the 78th minute of play. 

Again, this victory would not have been possible without the defense that was able to keep Clark from scoring any of their attempted goals. Victoria Richardson ’20 made two impressive second-half saves that made this the third game in a row, where the Judges did not allow any goals to be scored against them. For Richardson, this game marked her first career solo shutout. Overall, this game marked the third game of the team’s winning streak and demonstrated how, without an equally strong defense, no offense could carry the team. Here, all parts of a team worked together for this victorious outcome.

Babson 1, Judges 3

The Beavers were no match for the Judges on Saturday at Gordon Field. Although the team could not continue their streak of shutting out the other team, they were still able to lead and maintain their overall winning streak. 

In this game, the first goal was scored only 20 minutes into the game by the Judges’ Makenna Hunt ’22. This was her third goal of the season. However, this was not the last we would see from Hunt this game. Only two-and-a-half minutes later, Hunt scored again. Assisted by Daria Bakhatiari ’21, the score of the game became 2–0 favoring the Judges, and the team certainly made the most of the early victory as they would lead for the rest of the game.

The Beaver’s Olivia West scored her third goal of the season 26 minutes into the game, but the Judges did not falter and continued to press forward. No points were scored again until the 68th minute of play when Bakharia scored — her first goal of the season. 

As the Judges enter their game against the Jumbos on Tuesday, continued momentum, confidence and unity will be what the team needs to bring home their fifth consecutive win.