Brandeis University students put on a full scale production of Legally Blonde in 24

hours. This involved the creation of sets, learning all of the music, choreography and lines.

24 Hour Musical 9.8.19 TR 022.jpg

The Delta Nu ensemble sings frantically about how Elle Woods has not picked out an engagement outfit in the song “Ohmygod You Guys.”

24 Hour Musical 9.8.19 TR 404.jpg

Paulette the hairdresser, played by Kat Potts, sings about how she loves the land of Ireland, while surrounded by the Potato Ensemble in the song “Ireland.”

24 Hour Musical 9.8.19 TR 700.jpg

Elle’s parents, played by Adam Fleishaker and Sarah Eckstein Indik, take a photo of the entire cast during the graduation scene. 

24 Hour Musical 9.8.19 TR 565.jpg

Emmet Forrest, played by Ben Helzer, sings about her hopes for Elle’s success in the song “Chip on my Shoulder.”

24 Hour Musical 9.8.19 TR 989.jpg

Brooke Wyndham, played by Hannah Novack, performs her workout song “Whipped into Shape” while in prison for the murder of her husband.