The Brandeis men’s tennis team has played six games since the beginning of April. Starting on April 6, the Judges have since played Bowdoin University, New York University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Case Western Reserve University, Chicago University and Emory University. 

Judges 3, Polar Bears 6

On April 6, the Judges lost to Bowdoin University with a score of 3–6. In doubles, the team dropped with Nikhil Das ’21 and Rajan Vohra’s ’21 falling 2–8. However, the Judges fought back as David Aizenberg ’20 and Anupreeth Coramutla ’21 earned a 8–6 victory in addition to a 8–5 victory by Jeffrey Chen ’22 and Adam Tzeng ’22. In singles, number-one player Aizenberg fell twice at 2–6 and 2–6. Chen claimed two victories at 6–4 and 6–1. 

Judges 6, Bobcats 3

On April 7, The Judges defeated NYU in a 6–3 victory. David Aizenberg ’20 and Anupreeth Coramutla ’21 earned a 8–2 victory, in addition to a win by Colt Tegtmeier ’22 and Tyler Ng ’19 with a score of 8–4. The Judges finished their sweep in doubles action with a 8–4 win by Tzeng and Zach Cihlar ’19. In singles, the team was split: Ng dropped two matches, 6–3 and 6–0, while Coramutla was victorious with 6–3 and 6–2. 

Judges 5, Beavers 4

On April 12, the Judges narrowly defeated MIT with a score of 5–4. In doubles, Judges lost in Aizenberg and Coramutla's game by 8–5. Fortunately, doubles Tegtmeier and Ng, as well as team Chen and Tzeng, were victorious 8–3 and 8–7 respectively. In singles, the teams went back and forth but  Rajan Vohra ’21 brought the team up with scores of 6–2 and 6–0.

Judges 5, Spartans 3

On April 26, Case Western fell to the Judges 5–3. In doubles Ng and Tegtmeier fell to their Spartan opponents 8-3. The Judges came back with a win by Tzeng and Chen 8–2. The tie was broken by Aizenberg and Coramutla with an 8–7 victory, giving the Judges the lead going into singles. The Judges won at 3–2. This win left the Judges with a 15-win season this far. The Judges have only accomplished this seven times in school history, and this is their second year in a row. 

Judges 5, Phoenix 3

On April 27, the University of Chicago fell to Brandeis 5–3. The Judges began with a 2–1 doubles win. The first point of the match was taken by Chicago when Aizenberg and Coramutla were defeated by their competitors. The new pair, Vohra and Tzeng won 5–3. In singles, Brandeis bounced back with wins by Aizenberg and Tzeng. 

Judges 1, Owls 5

The final game of the season was on April 28, when the Judges lost 1–5 against Emory University. After doubles, the Judges fell behind. Emory won the first two doubles matches and then the first three singles matches, clinching their victory. Coramutla was defeated by his opponent 6–3 and 6–2. Tzeng's opponent bested him, 6–1 and 6–3. In the last singles match Vohra was defeated by his opponent 6–2 and 6–2. This game left the Judges at a rank of 10 in Division III this season as well as placing the Judges tied for their second most wins in the program's history. 


This season, the Judges won 16 games and lost four. The team ended the season losing one game. In the conference, the team was 2–1 overall. Led by coaches Ben Lamanna and Christo Schultz, the team had a strong season. Coach Lamanna was quoted by Brandeis athletics saying "This team is really special... They worked really hard for this and trained for it. They have been resilient, and shown good character – a bunch of good kids who've earned it."