Dear Justice editorial board,

In response to your 04/16 editorial criticizing the Student Union, I’m writing to point out some things the press has not reported on:

• In the interest of constituent outreach, DCL and I hosted a “Meet and Greet” event in Village on March 1. It was advertised through posters, by e-mail, and on social media.

• I identified by name 18 members who have never signed in for office hours, and the Senate President publicly censured them at our penultimate meeting.

• At my request, Area Coordinator Brad Toney circulated a survey to all Village CAs and residents asking for feedback. It received 0 responses. 

The Union has both provided opportunities for constituents to voice their opinions and recognized where we have fallen short. All of the above took place before you published your editorial.

                                                  — Jake Rong ’21 is the executive senator of the Student Union