The Brandeis baseball team has participated in three games this month, against Bridgewater State, Eastern Connecticut State University and University of Massachusetts Boston respectively. So far this season, the team played 37 games overall, with 16 in the conference. They had 1197 at bats, 247 runs and 339 hits. 

Judges 4, Bears 3

On Wednesday, May 1, the baseball team scored one run in the fourth inning, two runs in the eighth inning and one in the ninth inning. The game resulted in a 4–3 win. This win brought the Judges to a 16–19 score this season while Bridgewater State University fell to 13–20. In four innings, the Judges scored one point each, until they remained hitless. In the fifth inning, Bridgewater State pulled ahead. Additionally, Albert Gutierrez ’21 got a pop-up foul. In the eighth, Cam Roberts ’22 made a comeback via his pitching. In the bottom of the ninth inning, a Bridgewater player passed the ball to catcher Luke Hall ’21, letting Mike Khoury ’21 score the walk-off run. Brandeis pitchers threw 11 strikeouts: five by Gutierrez, two by Roberts and two by Maestri.

Judges 2, Warriors 14

On Thursday, May 2, the baseball team fell 14–3 to Eastern Connecticut State University. The Judges stood firm through the first four innings, but mistakes caused the team to fall behind. Tim Lopez ’20 went three innings without giving up a run and held the opposing team to only one hit. Donnie Weisse III ’20 substituted in for Lopez, making a few errors, and the opposing team accumulated six runs. In the fourth inning, the Judges held their own as Frey knocked three runs. Khoury Frey was the only other team member to reach the base more than once. 

Judges 6, Beacons 5

In the last game of the season on Saturday, May 4, the Judges defeated University of Massachusetts Boston 6–5. Entering the ninth inning, the Judges were down 5–4. Team Member Alex Parrot ’21 kickstarted the ninth inning with a single, followed by Khoury driving a 2–2 pitch down the right field line, allowing Parrot to tie the score. This game, the Judges earned 11 hits, with two each from Khoury, Isaac Fossas ’21, Sand and Parrot. 

The team ended their season on a 17–20 record overall and 3–13 in the conference. The team ended with a one-game winning streak, 1197 at bats, 247 runs and 339 hits, of which 72 were doubles and seven triples. The team had 24 home runs and 103 extra base hits. 


In terms of statistics, Khoury led the team with 41 runs batted in, followed by Frey with 38 and Fossas with 36. Greg Tobin ’20 led the team in innings pitched with 56.1, followed by Mason Newman ’21 with 45.1 and Roberts with 37.1. This strong team concluded their season with a batting average of .283 as of May 4.