This year the team had a strong season, ending a game just one point from being able to attend nationals. They have definitely continued to grow stronger as a team. At the beginning of next season, the team will sit down and discuss their goals for the next season.

The Brandeis women’s ultimate frisbee team is more than just a team that desires to compete at the national competition, it is also a community.

“ We do many things to bond and become closer as a team.” explained by Allison Frebowitz ’21 in an interview with the Justice. She elaborated, “We are not only teammates, but good friends that spend a lot of time together, not just at practice but socially. We support each other in all we do, whether that is attending each other's a capella and comedy shows, sitting together in the library, or tossing in between classes.” As a community, the team attends movie nights, spa nights and scrimmages with the men’s team, TRON. Each member of the team also gets a nickname, making them feel like a member of the Banshee family. The team has weekly lunches and social events. In an interview with the Justice, Hannah Muhlfelder ’20 added, “Banshee often studies together with the men's team, TRON, in Goldfarb, and we throw together on Chapels or play Spikeball when it's nice out. If I see a Banshee in the dining hall I'll ask to sit with her, especially if she's by herself. I love that when you get to know people on the team you're somehow always surrounded by friends, and campus feels so much more like home.” 

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This season was one of Banshee's best season's ever. The team started in their first tournement, where the Judges were in the eighth seed. By the end of the tournament, they were in the fouth seed. In the following tournement, the Judges placed fifth out of 21 teams. In the sectionals tournament, there were two bids to regionals up for grabs, and the Judges were hungry to get one of the bids. In the first day of sectionals, the team went 2–1. The team had to remain in their position, the next day, in order to gain a spot in regionals. In this championship, the Judges defeated the University of Wellesley Whiptails and earned their bid to regionals. 

In regionals, there were four bids to nationals. In the final game of regionals, the Judges were defeated 9–8, ultimately losing their chance at a nationals bid.


The team's main goal was to raise their rank to in Division III Ultimate and eventually qualify for Nationals. Additionally, the team wants to continue to be a welcoming place where players can have a safe and fun environment to participate in an exciting sport. 


The team encourages people of any experience level to join. “There is a wide range of experience on the team, including players who had been playing Ultimate throughout high school and some who have never even touched a Frisbee,” explained Maya Fields ’19. According to Anna Sherman ’20 in an interview with the Justice, “You get results that reflect the amount of effort and time you put in. People are surprised how much they've improved over the course of the semester, and it's always encouraging to see new players with zero experience evolve.” The team practices year-round; however, according to Muhlfelder, there is “no commitment requirement to be on the team, and we see the full spectrum of commitment — some people only come from time to time just because they love the sport.”

—Editor’s Note: Editor Mia Rubinstein is a member of Banshee and did not edit this article.