The city of Waltham released a list of the 280 city employees who were paid over $100,000 in the past year, according to an April 2 Waltham Wicked Local article.

No woman cracked the top 20 highest paid city workers; the highest paid female worker was School Business Administrator Leanne Wilcinksi, who came in at number 39, being paid $158,031.19.

Nine of the top 10 highest paid city workers were members of the Waltham Police Department, as were 18 of the top 20. The highest pay went to police officer Michael Moriarty, who made $230,044.63. According to the same Wicked Local article, 104 members of the WPD made the list. 

Wilcinski is the only woman in the top 50 highest paid city workers. The next highest paid female worker, Nadene Stein, a member of the superintendent’s office, comes in at number 63. Mayor Jeannette McCarthy was ranked at number 67, making $141,320.24.

There were 11 women listed in the top 100 earners, four of whom were between the ranks of 90-100. Of the 280 people, only 59 were women. The same amount of police officers were listed in the top 100 earners. Of the 59 police officers in the top 100 earners, only one was female — Eileen Williams at number 98, who made $128,800.35. Of the 11 women in the top 100, five were listed as working in the Waltham school system.

The highest paid school principal in the city was Kevin Gildea of John F. Kennedy Middle School at number 61, making $142,934.51. He was followed by Jane Gately of Douglas MacArthur Elementary School at number 86 and Jennifer Hacker of William F. Stanley Elementary School at number 93.