Following a long season in the world of college basketball, and the famous March Maddness the final four teams have been narrowed down from a total of 68 that originally began play, as explained by Cbs Sports. The final four teams include the University of Virginia, Michigan State University, Texas Tech University and Auburn University. All of these teams are looking to be the 2019 NCAA National Champions. So far this season, Texas Tech has the largest margin of victory, with an average of 15 points. 

In American sports terms, to be in the final four means to be one of the last four teams as a result of a tournament which includes single elimination. Of the final four, the two winners will ultimately face in the finals. In this case, the two winners are Texas Tech University and University of Virginia. 

Saturday’s game between number one ranked University of Virginia and number five ranked Auburn University resulted in a 63–62 win by Virgina. This fast-paced game was played well enough by both teams, but  Auburn fans will remember this day for a long time. This game ended with controversy on the outcome due to a potentially flawed foul call. There may also be disagreements on the playing quality by supposed star player Kyle Guy. Guy knocked down all three free throws sent his way and resulted in Virginia’s playing in the final game against Texas Tech. 

Saturday’s game between Texas Tech and Michigan State resulted in a win by Texas Tech 61–51. Matt Mooney carried the team most of the day while Jarrett Culver fought and ultimately struggled against his opponent. Current Texas Tech Red Raiders coach Chris Beard explained in an interview with CBS Sports’ Tracy Wolfson, “I told the guys all week, the plan was not to out-tough Michigan State, it was to match their toughness.” This game means that Texas Tech will advance to face University of Virginia this Monday in Minneapolis. Michigan State took the loss hard; the team was the highest seeded team, favored by 2.5 points. This week’s game was the first time Michigan State lost as a favored team.

Chris Beard has taken  the Texas Tech team and turned it around in the last two years. Texas Tech player Norense Odiase, quoted by Cbs Sports, explained  “When Chris Beard came in and told us his vision for the school, I saw a hard-working, passionate guy ready to win, and win early.” Odiase also explained, “You have to stick with him. He’s a tough, gritty guy; it’s almost sickening how competitive he is. We fed off him and he’s led us to this point.” 

As we approach the end of March Madness, these two final teams will battle it out on the court to earn the title as the 2019 NCAA National Champions. The five games played by both teams over the past three week have led them to this moment.