Springfest 4.6.19 NZ 0341.jpg

Ari Lennox feels her song as she performs to a roaring crowd during Springfest.  She gave a heartfelt performance and interacted with the crowd. 

Springfest 4.6.19 NZ 1347.jpg

The DJ told the crowd to wave their hands in the air.

Springfest 4.6.19 NZ 1336.jpg

Aminé sings to the crowd who had been waiting for him to perform all day.  Throughout his riveting performance, Aminé sang his hit songs “Caroline” and “Spice Girl” and the crowd went wild. 

Springfest 4.6.19 NZ 1192.jpg

Tré Warner performs the song which got him the Springfest gig, entitled Springfest Freestyle.  Tré Warner, who goes by the rapper name Trizzy Tré, was selected as a student performer for this year’s Springfest concert.

Springfest 4.6.19 NZ 1342.jpg

Members of the crowd wave their hands up in hopes of receiving a free t-shirt from the Campus Activities Board.  The front of the t-shirt states, “How you gonna be sad on Springfest?”