This week, the Brandeis University Judges went head to head with the Bobcats of New York University. The Judges swept all four games, bringing them to an overall record of 15–0–1. The team continues to have a strong season even following the game against Wellesley University that resulted in a 7–7 tie. The Judges are now 4–0 in the conference have no plans of slowing down now explained by the Brandeis Athletics site. 

Judges 3, Bobcats 1; Judges 9, Bobcats 1

This Saturday, the Judges played two games against NYU, both of which resulted in the Judges as the victors. In the first match of the day and the Judges first University Athletic Association game, the Bobcats struck first, resulting in no bases being loaded. The opponents then attempted to send a ball to right field as a sacrifice, which resulted in Brandeis’ Bridget Cifuni ’21 nailing the opposing player on her way to third base. Additionally, Brandeis senior Keri Lehton doubled to the left to tie the game, and back-to-back infield grounders by Cifuni and Jolie Fujita ’21 brought the Judges to 3–1. Next, Scottie Todd ’20 only allowed NYU one more hit, bringing Todd to her fifth complete game pitching in the season and 21st in her career. 

In the second game of the meet, the offence stepped up, leading to nine scoring runs out of 15 hits. Eight out of the team’s nine starters had hits favoring the Judges. This game, starter Sydney Goldman ’22 only allowed NYU two hits, with five strikeouts in the first six innings. 

Judges 3, Bobcats 1; Judges 6, Bobcats 3

This Sunday, the Judges went head to head with the NYU Bobcats once again. In the opener, Todd brought the team to a five-hit pitching duel. This season, Todd improved to 8–0. This game was the fourth start where she allowed only one run earned. In the fourth inning, Fujita took a single and placed Brandeis on the board. Brandeis’ unearned runs in the sixth inning provided the team with a cushion for when NYU scored in the bottom of the frame. 

In the second game, the team ultimately sealed the game with a three run-home run in the top of the seventh inning. This success came after a long game of hard work and dedication on both sides.

In an interview with the Justice, Lehton explained, “We are super excited to show everyone the results of how hard we have been working all winter. We also have a lot of young talent that I’m excited for people to see. After now, [15] wins, we are feeling good, but we don’t really focus on the record, we just take it one game at a time.”

This Tuesday, Brandeis is scheduled to face Clark University for a double header moved from March 16, followed by playing Case Western Reserve University at home. At that point, the Judges will have played 22 games this season.