As part of the Festival of the Creative Arts, Brandeis’s pep band Music And Dance Band performed on the Great Lawn behind the Shapiro Campus Center on April 7th. The half-hour show attracted a large crowd of students and families, who were drawn to the show because of its range of energizing songs and a contagious and entertaining enthusiasm in the performance. They provided the perfect setting for sitting outside on the grass and enjoying the warm and sunny spring weather. 

MAD Band’s concert was an excellent demonstration of musicians working well together as a group. The performance involved both prepared arrangements and improvised solos, which showcased their ability to coordinate and communicate musically between group members. The light blue sequined hats worn by many of the members perfectly matched the spirit of the group. The highlight of the show was seeing how much fun all of the performers appeared to be having. It was easy to enjoy the performance while watching them dance as they played, and laugh together between songs. 

The show finished strong with a crowd-pleasing rendition of Amy Winehouse’s Valerie. MAD Band’s concert was a fun way to enjoy the warm spring weather and to celebrate the Festival of the Creative Arts. MAD Band’s next show will be at the Midnight Buffet on date.