As a Brandeis alum whose career began in 2005 thanks to the rigorous journalism scene on campus, I was profoundly disappointed in the Justice's lukewarm editorial regarding the Student Union's recent proposal to decommission The Brandeis Hoot (Letter From the Editor: Proposal to de-charter The Hoot, April 8, 2019).

While I recognize that it can be challenging to respond to such late-breaking developments in an accelerated time frame — and to the Justice's credit, Emily Blumenthal's news coverage of the proposal at the latest Senate meeting has been comprehensive — the lack of forcefulness behind The Justice's complacent letter to the editor seems to speak volumes as to the executive board’s principles and priorities. Whatever happened to solidarity of the press?

This should have been a golden opportunity to take a stand on a clearly unjust proposal and loudly speak truth to power — while I recognize that the Justice and The Hoot have been rivals for more than a decade, situations such as the Union's proposal makes it incumbent for The Justice to stand up for its values, and for its editors to make an unambiguous statement for a free press. 

— David Pepose’08 served as the News Editor for The Brandeis Hoot from 2007-2008.