Dear Brandeis Students,

Climate change presents a massive and growing threat to all humans alive today, projected to impact human health, the economy,and the environment. The efforts to mitigate the causes of climate change and adapt to its impacts do not approach the scales needed to solve the crisis. As Brandeis staff and faculty, we stand in support of all environmentally sustainable efforts at Brandeis and know we can all contribute. 

On Friday, March 15,  a group of Brandeis students joined the Youth Climate Strike at the Boston Commons participating in the worldwide “Fridays For Future” climate strike movement. You might have seen Brandeis staff and faculty standing at the Brandeis Campus Peace Circle in support on the same day. 

We know that Brandeis students are concerned about climate change and are already taking action to make Brandeis a more sustainable University. We want to encourage all students, faculty and staff to keep the momentum going over the summer, whether you are at Brandeis or off campus! 

During the summer, we all can take the following individual actions to reduce our carbon footprint: 

1. Choose to eat more vegetarian meals. 

2. Sign up for green energy with your utility company (if offered). 

3. Select the cold water setting when washing clothes and utilize a drying rack instead of a dryer. 

4. Engage your friends and family in conversations about climate change and learn more about the movement and what you can do.

5. Register to vote and call your elected officials.

Across the country and the world, many young people are getting together to address this issue, from the Sunrise Movement to 350 to Plant for the Planet. 

So let's get together; Brandeis students, staff and faculty and work towards environmentally sustainable practices on campus and beyond! 

If you are interested in learning and doing more, please be in touch. We will reach out again in the fall.  

— Aina Lagor, Esther Brandon, Prof. Sabine von Mering (GER) and Tessa Venell