While many Brandeisians have just started easing off their stress from “midterm madness,” they again face some “life-and-death” decisions. On Wednesday, April 3, course registration for the Fall 2019 semester opened.

Among the many courses that are offered for the first time, two courses focused on the Asian American community have been introduced thanks to the  work of the Brandeis Asian American Task Force. BAATF is a Brandeis-based student organization that advocates for the needs and betterment of the Asian American community here at Brandeis. Students who are interested in Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies are especially recommended to take the two courses “Asian American Histories” and “Pacific Islander Studies,” for which further class information remains to be decided. 

In a video released by the BAATF on Facebook, Ellie Kleinman ’21 says that taking Asian American Studies courses “highlighted Asian American and Pacific Islander narratives” that were not centered in “high school classes and even in the East Asian Studies classes here at Brandeis.” 

Asian American Studies courses are not the only classes that students are excited about. The Justice spoke to some Roosevelt Fellows to offer more insight into course registration. 

“COSI 125a: ‘Human Computer Interaction’ is a super cool, cross-listed elective with one of my favorite professors. Important note: this is not a coding class. This is a design-thinking class open to all majors, and non-COSI majors [are] encouraged and COSI majors [are] welcome,” R Matthews ’19, who is double majoring in Computer Science and African and African American Studies, shared with the Justice. 

Alina Shirley ’19, who’s a Biology major, Health Science Society and Policy and Psychology double minor, and pre-health student, commented, “My two favorite courses I took at Brandeis that are offered in the fall are BIOL 16a, ‘Evolution and Biodiversity,’ and SOC 189a, ‘Sociology of Body and Health.’ These two courses are taught by two of the best professors Brandeis has to offer. They are great courses to take for anyone even relatively interested in science and real-world applications of science and medicine. SOC 189a was so informative and engaging that I think it should be required for anyone who is thinking about any sort of career in health or patient interaction.” She also said that “anyone interested in animal science should look at BIOL 53a, Introduction to Animal Science and Nutrition,” which is offered for the first time. 

Danielle Schwartz ’20, who is the president of the Pre-Veterinary Society and the Animal Appreciation Club at Brandeis, also recommended this course, saying that it “is really meaningful for people in pre-vet since Brandeis usually doesn’t offer courses with [a] specific animal science focus.”

Sophie Rathmann ’21 is really excited about ENG 150B, “Out of This World: Science Fiction’s Cyborgs, Time Travellers, and Space Invaders” with Prof. John Plotz (ENG), because “it’s a … cool course and he’s a great professor. I’m really excited to learn more about sci-fi because people often don’t delve into fantasy or sci-fi as deeply as other genres.” 

Stephanie Prill ’20 said that ANTH 60a “is taught by Professor Charles Golden, who is one of my favorite professors at Brandeis. Also, the opportunity to do actual archaeology in a lab and outside of the classroom, even if it’s small things, is really exciting after learning so much about others’ discoveries in the past.”

Course registration closed Monday, April 8.