On March 1, the Student Committee for the Rose Art Museum and the Brandeis Association for Music and Concert Organizers hosted the SCRAMCo coffeehouse, an event filled with performances from Brandeis students and visiting musicians. 

 Before the music started, the audience milled around the museum, eating snacks and enjoying the featured exhibit from artist Howardena Pindell. The concert was held after normal museum hours, so the audience could explore the Rose without being impeded by the usual crowds of museumgoers. 

     The music started half an hour into the event. Dim purple lights illuminated the concert room, and the audience sat in a circle around the performers, emphasizing the concert’s cozy informal setting.

   Four Brandeis students kicked off the event. Nia Peace Duncan ’20 and Jordan Mudd ’20 were on vocals, with Mudd also playing guitar. Olivia Nichols ’20 played saxophone and Siwar Mansour ’20 played the violin. They performed the indie song “Lonely World” by Moses Sumney, along with original blues songs and spoken word poetry.

    After the students, the two headliners of the concert performed their original work. Raavi and the Houseplants (sans her houseplants) came from Arlington, Mass. and Lady Queen Paradise from Providence, R.I. 

APAHM 3.2.19 sk 0052.jpg
SANS HOUSEPLANTS: Raavi and the Houseplants sang about her coming of age experiences.

    Both musicians played indie rock style music on vocals and guitar. Raavi sang about mundane, relatable experiences growing up; for example, one piece was about the loneliness she felt when she decided to stay home while her friends all hung out without her. Lady Queen Paradise concluded SCRAMCo coffeehouse with her “slumber rock” tunes. 

APAHM 3.2.19 sk 0055.jpg
ACOUSTIC VIBES: Lady Queen Paradise concluded the show with “slam rock.”

  The music of this concert created a gloomy and peaceful atmosphere, a fitting way to end the last week of February.