JustArts:  Tell me a bit about Brandeis Korean Student Association.

Joon Cha: We are an association that tries to promote the Korean culture. To those who are interested. And just last week we had our annual culture show. It was one of the biggest event of the year.

JA: How did you get involved with Brandeis Korean Student Association?

JC:  I came to campus [as] a transfer student. The first semester I didn’t join ‘cause I didn’t know about things. The second semester, I was like, “why not?” My old school didn’t have this kind of organization ‘cause we didn’t have enough Korean students. So I just joined.

JA:  Korean culture has such a long history with so many different aspects; it must be hard to cover all of them. What is the audition process like?

JC: Some of them didn’t require auditions. It’s just mostly volunteer-based. ...There’s a few that had auditions, but other than that, [it] mostly was volunteer-based. They started practicing [in] September... so they [had] enough time.

JA:  Many people have talked about the great food you provided at the event. What is it like to prepare food for such a large event?

JC: It’s not easy. The shopping was not easy. We tried to come up with a menu that is unique, but also possible to make 200 to 300 portions. 

JA: What did you find challenging about organizing this event?

JC: I just didn’t know how much is involved in the process, like how many different things [go] into it. I had a chance to work with SPS, Aboard, ICC, CES ... they are all necessary aspects to [putting] a show together. Especially this year, our show was very heavily Eboard-based. A lot of the performances and other things were prepared by eboard members. So I guess I didn’t [know] how many people it takes to prepare a show.

JA:  Is there anything else you would like to add?

JC: I think we are just an organization that tries to have fun at the same time while preparing challenging stuff. We are fun! 


   —Luke Liu