Medical Emergency

March 12 –– A student in Skyline Residence Hall was reported having a seizure and was transported via Cataldo Ambulance to the Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

March 13 –– An onlooker reported an unresponsive party in Feldberg Communication Center “grabbing his chest.” The party received onsite treatment from BEMCo and was subsequently transported via Cataldo Ambulance to Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

March 13 –– After a report from a Brandeis Counseling Center member, a student was transported from the Mailman House to the Newton-Wellesley Hospital without incident. 

March 14 –– A student in Scheffres Hall with a laceration was treated by BEMCo and transported to Newton-Wellesley Hospital in a Cataldo Ambulance.

March 14 –– BEMCo responded to a report of a party with a laceration on their back in the Shapiro Campus Center. BEMCo treated the party, who subsequently refused further care.

March 16 –– BEMCo treated an intoxicated party in Ziv Quad with a laceration on his knee. The party refused further care.

March 16 –– BEMCo treated an intoxicated party in Cable Hall. The party signed a refusal for further treatment.

March 17 –– BEMCo received a report of an intoxicated party in Ziv Quad. The party was transported to the Newton-Wellesley Hospital via Cataldo Ambulance.


March 12 –– Brandeis Police composed a report of the harassment of a Sodexo worker.


March 13 –– Brandeis Police compiled a report of vandalism of a door in Ziv Quad.


March 13 –– A staff member in Slosberg Music Center reported a hacker attempting to transfer funds from the staff member’s direct deposit account into another account. The attempt was futile due to the staff member’s safe guards. Brandeis Police nonetheless compiled a report of the incident. 

March 16 –– Brandeis Police compiled a report of a stolen speaker from an unlocked room in the Village.

Disturbance/Noise Complaint

March 13 –– An area resident telephoned Brandeis Police to complain about noise in the woods between her home and the University. Upon checking, the police found the site quiet and empty. 

March 17 –– University Police received a noise complaint about a party at the Charles River Apartments.

Miscellaneous Suspicious Circumstances

March 14 –– University Police compiled a report of suspicious behavior of a staff member towards another community member.