As spring comes to Waltham, Waltham High School is looking forward to its event of the season: prom.  Bentley University’s annual “Dresses to Dreams” event, held on Feb. 16, gives students from Waltham High and the greater Boston area free prom dresses. Prom can be pricey, and “Dresses to Dreams” is an attempt to alleviate this and keep the event exciting for every student. 

According to a March 8 article on the Bentley website, this event “help[s] young women build self-confidence that will last long after high school.” Participants talk about “confidence and goal-setting” as well as hair and makeup, and participatent in workshops on empowerment to help bring a “deeper meaning” to the event. 

Organizers find it meaningful, too. Holly Fiscus, an organizer of the event, said in the same article that she wants women “walking away feeling confident and loving themselves,” and that she loves to see bonds form at the event.

“Dresses to Dreams” brings together students from across the greater Boston area. A Feb. 16 photo series in the Waltham Wicked Local highlighted students from a variety of schools who attended the event, among them Dorchester High School, Lawrence High School and Watertown High. Not all attendees were seniors — eighth graders from the Watertown Boys & Girls Club came as well, according to Wicked Local.

To fund the event, Fiscus and her 16-member board raised $2,180 on GoFundMe, per the Bentley article. The dresses were donated from dress shops, boutiques and community members — “Dresses to Dreams” attendees had over 400 to choose from.

Jeannette McCarthy, the long-term mayor of Waltham, attended the event. Per the Wicked Local story, she advised the students to work for their goals and “never give up.”