As the Judges inch closer to the end of their season, they continue to battle their University Athletic Association rivals. This week, they took on the Carnegie Mellon Tartans and Case Western Reserve University Spartans. Unfortunately, their last home games of the season resulted in two more losses, bringing their losing streak to four games in a row. They are now at an overall record of 7–14 for the season, specifically at 3–8 in the UAA, according to the Brandeis Athletics website.

Case Western 67, Judges 55

The Judges marked their fourth straight loss against the Spartans in Red Auerbach Arena. The Spartans scored the first points of play with Hillary Hellman making a three-point shot within 20 seconds of regulation. Kat Puda ’21 tried to tie the game, but fell short of the three-point shot. The Judges finally hit the scoreboard with 8:30 in the first quarter when Samira Abdelrehim ’21 made a layup, bringing the score to 5–2. Soon after, the Judges scored again with another layup, this time by Puda, making the score 5–4. The Judges did not score again for over another minute when Sarah Jaromin ’19 made a three-point shot to bring the score to 10–7, followed shortly by a layup by Hannah Nicholson ’20. With 4:36 left in the quarter, Camila Casanueva ’21 tightened the game to 12–11, but the Spartans quickly responded with a layup from Hellman. However, the first quarter did look promising for the Judges as Lauren Rubinstein ’20 tied the score at 14 with a free throw, followed by Kerry Tanke ’22 tying the score at 16. In fact, the first quarter ended with a tied score of 20.

However, the same luck did not continue for the Judges. Kara Hageman of the Spartans made a three-point shot just 21 seconds into the quarter, and shortly after scored a layup. Quickly, the Spartans pulled ahead and did not look back, as by halftime, the team was ahead 40–31. Come the second half, the Judges would not be able to catch up, as by the end of the third, the Spartans expanded their lead to 14 points at 56–42. By the end of the game, the Judges tightened the score, as the Spartans would remain victories 67–55, a 12-point margin. Nicolson led the Judges in points and rebounds with 13 and nine, respectively. Eight of her points were scored in the second half. Casanueva fell close behind at nine points and six rebounds. She also tied the game with Jaromin for assists with four of them. This game was senior day for the Judges honoring Jaromin, Joelle MarkAnthony ’19, Gillian O’Malley ’19 and Ellery Riccio ’19.

Carnegie Mellon 67, Judges 58

In their third consecutive loss, the Judges tried to overcome the Tartans. Similar to the aforementioned game against the Spartans, the Judges actually tied in points scored in the first half of the game and even led going into the half. This was as a result of the Judges scoring a point over the Tartans in the second quarter. After ending the first quarter tied at twelve, the Judges scored 16 points in the second, while the Tartans only scored 15, entering the second half with a score of 28–27 in favor of Brandeis. The first half was marked by its defensive nature.

However, the second half brought the Judges a new beast to conquer. After scoring the first six points of the half as a result of two layups from Nicholson and two free throws from Abdelrahim, the team led 34–27, but Carnegie Mellon called a timeout and then scored the next four game points to end up within three points of the Judges 31–34. The Tartans would eventually tie the game at 37 less than a minute after Casanueva made a three-point shot with 5:59 left in the third, but the Judges responded quickly. They scored 12 of the next 17 points of the game, leaving the Judges ahead by seven points, but the Tartans tightened the game to a score of 49–44, only a five point difference. With 8:30 to go in the game, the Judges were ahead after Rubinstein made two free throws with a score of 53–47, but with 6:36 to go, the Tartans tied the game at 53 points. Jaromin made a three-point shot to pull the Judges ahead, but the Tartans responded, and their own Katie Higgins put them ahead 57–56. Tanke made a layup with 4:33 left in regulation to put the Judges ahead by one point 57–58, but the Judges would not score again, and the Tartans would end victorious by a score of 67–58. Casanueva led the Judges, scoring 12 of the team’s points and with five assists. 

The Judges will next take on the University of Chicago away on Friday at 7 p.m.