The Brandeis fencing team has matched many strong teams so far this season and will face many more opponents during the last few weeks of the season. The team started their season on Oct. 28 in Northampton, Massachusetts, and has competed in four meets, the most recent being on Jan. 13 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Fall Collegiate Invitational 

Starting the season off, Joanne Carminucci ’19 defended her title in the foil division at this season’s opening meet. The Judges had one more foil medalist, Jessica Gets ’20, at third. Saber fencer Jada Harrison ’22 also placed third in the meet. In the men’s meet, Ian Quin ’20 defended his title after being one of the ten undefeated fencers in the preliminary round. 

Northeast Fencing Conference

On Saturday Nov. 17, the Judges competed at the Northeastern Fencing Conference. At this meet, the women dominated 5–1. In addition, Carminucci was 13–0 in foil, and Gets went 13–1 in foil, according to the Brandeis Athletics website. In the saber division, Harrison and Devon Brown ’21 both had individual winning records of four out of six matches, with Harrison going 14–6 and Brown 13–7 in this meet. In the epee division, Dakota Levi ’20 went 11–10. In the meet, the men obtained a perfect 5-0 record. Chris Armstrong ’20 won 10–3 in epee, in addition to Alexander Holtmann ’21 winning all eight of his saber matches.

Brandeis Invitational

The Judges finished their home invitational, on Dec. 2, with some loss. The women’s team ended with a 0–5 record for the day, losing all five of their matches. The men did not have much better luck and, as a result of their loss, dropped to 7–3 overall. 

Western Invitational

The Judges competed in the Western Invitational on Jan. 13. This match started the new semester for the Judges’ fencing team. The Judges’ first match up was at 8 a.m. against Northwestern University, followed by a match at 9:30 a.m. against the United States Air Force Academy. The Judges will participate in their next meet on  Jan. 26 at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. The team has almost two months left in their season, with many great opponents and matches to look forward to.