The Judges are pressing forward this season and have played against some very talented competition. Saturday, the Judges’ record improved to 3–3 after a very impressive game where they conquered the Johnson & Wales University Wildcats. Although the Judges have played several games since the last issue of the Justice, this article will focus on this game because of all of the action that took place.The final score was a notable 77–60 victory for Brandeis.

The game began with a missed three-point shot from the Wildcat’s Tiondra Hands, and soon after Kat Puda ’21 did the same. However, a foul by Tara Murphy of the Wildcats’ allowed Camilla Casanueva ’21 to score the first points of the game through a series of foul shots with 9:10 to go in the first quarter. However, Hands quickly followed with a layup at 8:48 that tied the score. Sarah Jaromin ’19 seized an opportunity to make a three-point shot that made the score 2–5, but once again the Wildcats responded with a three-pointer by their own Dede Stevenson to tie the score. This happened one more time as a layup by Samira Abdelrehim ’21 was  followed by a jump shot by Murphy, tying the score at 7-7.  It was then that the Judges pulled ahead in a lead that they would maintain for the rest of the game, beginning with a three-point shot by Jaromin. The quarter concluded  after a layup from Abdelrehim that lifted the Judges to a score of 17–29.

The second quarter helped the Judges maintain their lead over the Wildcats. Although Stevenson scored the first points of the quarter with a three-point shot with 9:17 left, within a minute, Casanueva made two free throws enabled by Kayla Walsh of the Wildcats at 8:21. No one scored again until 6:41 was left in the second quarter, at which point Casanueva came out with a three-point jump shot that made the score 20–34. Although Hands made a three-point shot soon after, Casanueva would make two more free throws that resulted from fouls perpetrated by Hands. The score would remain 23–26 from 5:27 left in the quarter all the way until 3:47 was left in the quarter, when Jaromin made a three-point shot that advanced the score to 23–39. However, 15 seconds later, Hands also scored a three-point shot. There was another minute of missed shots and changes in possession until Amber Graves ’20 made a layup that brought the score to 26–41. Jaromin followed not long after with her own layup to solidify the lead of the Judges at 26–43 at the half.

In the second half, the Judges continued to maintain a strong lead over their opponent. Jaromin scored the first points in the second half with a three-point shot, which was followed within 30 seconds by a successful three-point shot from Stevenson. Just under a minute later, Ellery Riccio ’19 made a layup resulting in a score of 29–48. Stevenson followed with a jump shot, but a foul committed by Stevenson led to two successful free-throws scored by Jaromin. Walsh would make a free throw with 6:42 left in the quarter, advances the score to 32–50. The next two shots scored were both made by Stevenson, with one being a layup and the other a jump shot. Murphy also made a jump shot, and although this narrowed the score, the Wildcats still barely dented the Judges’ lead. A jump shot from Riccio with an assist from Casanueva put the Judges ahead 38–52.Stevenson made another three-point  shot with 3:44 to go in the third quarter. Just over a minute later, Casanueva made a layup that also resulted in a foul by Hands, allowing Casanueva to pick up a third point from a free throw. With a score of 41–55, no points were scored until there was 0:41 left in the quarter, when a foul by Puda led to two free throws. Cheyenne Lee of the Wildcats fouled Jaromin, and Jaromin made two free throws that closed out the quarter with a score of 43–57.

In the final quarter, the Judges finalized their victory over the Wildcats. No points were scored until there was 8:34 left in the quarter, but Riccio began the action with a layup that brought the score to 43–59. Just over a minute later, she scored the next points of the quarter with another layup. After a full time-out called by the Wildcats, Stevenson made a three-point shot with 7:05 to go in the game. With 6:13 left, Murphy committed fouls that resulted in two free throws made by Riccio, but Murphy followed up with a successful layup. After Graves made a layup with 4:49 left, the Judges called a full timeout with the score at 48–65. Both teams continued to score after the time-out, but the Judges maintained their lead. Kimberlyn Ligon ’22 entered the game with only 1:27 to go, but she left her mark on the court by scoring the final shot of the game — a layup that left the Judges victorious with a score of  60–77.

This game displayed impressive talent on both teams. The Judges’ game on Monday against Babson College will be reported in the next issue.