We are approaching the home stretch of the National Football League season, and the final four weeks of the season will have four must-see games. These games include teams like the Los Angeles Rams, the Chicago Bears, the New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Los Angeles Chargers, Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings.


Los Angeles Rams vs. Chicago Bears

In the 14th week of the season, on Dec. 9, the Los Angeles Rams are scheduled to play the Chicago Bears. The Rams have a powerful offense led by two young superstars: quarterback Jared Goff and powerhouse running back Todd Gurley. The Rams have battered their opponents to a 10–1 record so far this season and are dangerous on the ground and in the air, making them hard to defend against. Wide receiver Brandin Cooks is having a stellar season, with nearly 1000 receiving yards thus far. The Rams’ opponent, “Da Bears,” are endowed with a scary defense, as befits their other traditional classic nickname, “Monsters of the Midway.” In what some believe is the worst trade in the history of the NFL, the Oakland Raiders sent Khalil Mack to the Bears. The Bears only allow an average of 80 yards rushing per game.


New England Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

This is a classic rivalry of two of the best teams in the NFL over a period of many seasons. This is a matchup of Brady versus Roethlisberger. With a three-game lead in the American Football Conference East, it is almost certain that the New England Patriots will win the division again, reaching a record 21 times. However, the Patriots have shown themselves to be mere mortals, having been thrashed by the Tennessee Titans two weeks ago. The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a consistently outstanding team with a great history of success for decades. The two teams have played many meaningful games over the years. With very similar records, the game will likely be significant for the playoff seeding, affecting home field advantages.  

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Kansas City Chiefs are another team with a devastating offense, led by the young phenom, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and wide receiver Tyreek Hill, the fastest player in the NFL. The Chiefs, with a 9–2 record, will certainly make the playoffs (at least as a wild card), but with the LA Chargers just a game behind in the standings, the Chiefs cannot afford to lose any games if they are to win the division. The Seattle Seahawks — after losing their first two games — have turned around their season and are in a position to make the playoffs as a wild card team. Dynamic veteran quarterback Russell Wilson, although not having a statistically superior season, is a proven winner and has a superbly played game in a Superbowl win over the Broncos to his credit. Both teams will have a lot at stake in this game.

Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings

This is a classic matchup of two longtime rivals from the famous “Black and Blue Division.” If both teams continue their winning ways, the division title will likely be at stake. The Minnesota Vikings are another team with a strong offense, and wide receiver Adam Thielen is having a great season. Thielen’s story is inspirational. He was not drafted into the NFL and came from Minnesota State University, a Division II school for football. He has risen to become one of the best receivers in the NFL.