Members of the Brandeis community elected Aaron Finkel ’20 as vice president and Adrian Ashley ’20 as treasurer of the Student Union for the Spring 2019 semester. The Union held a special election yesterday after announcing Vice President Benedikt Reynolds ’19 and Treasurer Jerry Miller ’18 will resign at the end of the semester.

Finkel currently serves as the senator to the class of 2020 and is the chief strategist to the Union’s Executive Board. As vice president, he plans to focus on accountability and productivity within the Union, per his platform. He will also focus on establishing a set of common goals and values for the Senate, and will work to cultivate partnerships with the administration, Finkel told the Justice. “Nothing has honored me more than the willingness of my fellow students to put their faith in my plan for turning around the Student Union,” he added.

Finkel beat out a sea of six other candidates: Steven Luo ’21, Guillermo Caballero ’20, Alex Chang ’22, Vidit Dhawan ’19, Aaron Finkel ’20, Richard Kisack Jr. ’21 and Nakul Srinivas ’21. Out of the 1,116 students who participated in the election, Finkel received 40.23 percent of the vote, with Guillermo Caballero ’20 trailing as a close second with 37.19 percent.

Ashley ran unopposed and won 833 votes, or 74.51 percent. He currently serves as an assistant treasurer and director of programming. As treasurer, he hopes to make the treasury process “more transparent and more straightforward for club leaders,” per his candidate bio. 

As treasurer, he plans to implement a clearer training process for club leaders, create how-to videos for submitting forms and continue holding P-card office hours every day, if possible, he told the Justice. “I am really excited about all of the challenges that running the treasury branch poses,” he added.

—Nakul Srinivas is a staff writer for the Justice.