Senators reflected on their accomplishments in the final Senate meeting of the semester. The meeting began with a motion to dissolve the Swimming Club. Senator-at-Large Noah Nguyen ’21 explained that last fall, the club went on probationary status and was granted a second probationary term in the spring after failing to meet the requirements for club funding in the first term. The second probationary term ended on Oct. 3, Nguyen said, during which the club again failed to meet the requirements for Student Union funding. The motion to dissolve the club passed unanimously, by a vote of acclamation. 

Then Vice President Benedikt Reynolds ’19 reminded senators to vote in Monday’s election for the next vice president and treasurer. He also announced that Executive Senator Andrea Deng ’21 will need to take time off from the Union next semester due to health reasons. In an executive session near the end of the meeting, senators elected Class of 2019 Senator Kent Dinlenc to replace Deng as executive senator for the coming semester.

Senate Services and Outreach Committee Chair Aaron Finkel ’20 said his committee has been successful this semester. In addition to making the Turkey Shuttles the least expensive they have been in the University’s history, the Services and Outreach Committee was able to help start the LimeBike on-campus bike-sharing initiative. He also mentioned shuttles being run between Logan International Airport and the University at the end of winter break.

Senate Dining Committee Chair Leigh Salomon ’19 brought up the committee’s recent meeting that took place to brainstorm menu ideas for the spring semester. He said that students discussed foods they liked for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as dishes from different cultures they would like to incorporate into the menu next semester.

Health and Safety Committee Chair Josh Hoffman ’21 said that he was unhappy with the progress his committee made this semester, partly due to its low membership. He highlighted his difficulties working with the Brandeis Counseling Center and the Student Sexuality Information Service.

Hoffman also said that he asked the Department of Community Living to put up lights in the “pit” between East Quad and the Intercultural Center, but that DCL has not yet responded.

In her report, Massell Quad Senator Kendal Chapman ’22 detailed some logistical information for Union members regarding the Midnight Buffet, which will begin at midnight on Wednesday. Senator-at-Large Richard Kisack, Jr. ’19 added that there will also be a massage day for students this week and reminded students to take care of one another during final exams. 

Finkel thanked the Union for all of their work for Midnight Buffet and praised Chapman for her contributions and Dinlenc for his work on the t-shirts. He closed off by saying that although the Senate faces bumps in the road, those obstacles can be fixed.