Professional basketball has raged on in the season, and each conference has had its share of action.

Atlantic Division

The Toronto Raptors are 6–1 in the Eastern Conference and 3–0 for the Atlantic Division, with the most overall wins in the division at 12. Most recently, they conquered the New York Knicks in a game where Pascal Siakam scored a career-high 23 points for the team. The Philadelphia 76ers have won a total of eight games this season so far. Close behind, though, are the Boston Celtics, with seven wins this seasons. The Brooklyn Nets have won six games and the Knicks only four.

Southeast Division

The Central Division is much closer in terms of the number of wins each respective team has than the Atlantic Division. The Charlotte Hornets have a lead with seven wins. They have an overall record of 7–5 in the Eastern Conference and are 4–0 in the division. Most recently, the Hornets conquered the Detroit Pistons with a score of 113–103. It was during this game that Tony Parker scored 24 points in 28 minutes of play time. The Orlando Magic are not far behind, though, as they have won six games this season and the Miami Heat has five wins. The Washington Wizards and Atlanta Hawks have won three games each.

Central Division

The final division of the Eastern Conference is the Central Division and the leading team so far is the Milwaukee Bucks with 10 wins and only three losses. They are 6–1 in the Eastern Conference and 1–0 in the Central Division. Brook Lopez had a career-high eight 3-point baskets and 28 points in their most recent game to beat the Denver Nuggets with a score of 121–114. The Indiana Pacers have the next highest amount of wins in the division with eight, followed by the Detroit Pistons with six wins, Chicago Bulls with four wins and Cleveland Cavaliers with only one win. 

Northwest Division

This division has been full of talent. Leading the division are the Portland Trail Blazers with 10 wins. Most recently, they beat the Boston Celtics with a score of 100–94. This game was notable for the late 3-point shots made by Al-Farouq Aminu made late in the game. Damian Lillard had 19 points and 12 assists, and Jusuf Nurkic contributed 18 points and 17 rebounds. Denver follows close behind as the Nuggets have won nine games this season in the division. Following are the Oklahoma City Thunder with seven wins, the Utah Jazz with six wins and the Minnesota Timberwolves with only four wins.

Pacific Division

The Pacific Division is led incredibly by the Golden State Warriors with 11 wins. They are now 6–1 in the Western Conference and 1–0 in the division. Most recently, the team conquered the Brooklyn Nets with a score of 116–100. Kevin Durant was a force to be reckoned with scoring 28 points for the team and contributing 11 assists. The Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento KIngs all are ties with only seven wins each. The Phoenix Suns trail with only two wins.

Southwest Division

The final division is the Southwest Division, and the teams are relatively close in the number of games won. The San Antonio Spurs and Memphis Grizzlies are tied for the lead in the division with seven wins each. The New Orleans Pelicans follow close behind, having won six games and lost six games. The Houston Rockets have won five games and the Dallas Mavericks have won only four games.