On Oct. 1, a white, middle-aged man driving a light-colored sedan exposed himself to a Brandeis student walking down South Street, according to an Oct. 4 email from Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan. The Department of Public Safety reached out to the Waltham Police Department and are conducting a joint investigation into the incident, per the same email.

In a phone interview with the Justice, Detective Sergeant Tim King of the Waltham Police Department said that the incident had taken place at 10 a.m. Moreover, he explained that the female student in question saw the man twice— first near Longview Place when walking on the east side of the street and again near the corner of Highland Street and South Street. At that point, he stopped near her and was “exposing himself and masturbating.” The incident is being investigated and could be punishable by up to three years in prison under charges of “open and gross lewdness,” according to King.

Callahan sent the student body another email on Oct. 5, reminding students that Public Safety have an emergency telephone number (763-781-3333) and would like to be contacted as soon as possible after an incident occurs. Receiving timely information enhances Public Safety’s ability to assist students and assess a situation, per the same email. Moreover, Callahan advised students on certain precautions that can help students remain aware of their surroundings “whether on campus or off.” These include not walking with earbuds or headphones in, walking in groups and taking the Branvan or calling the University’s Escort Safety Service. 

Though the incidents have abated in recent semesters, the 2015-16 academic year saw at least six incidents of indecent exposure on South Street, according to a 2016 Justice article.