The state of Massachusetts supplied the city of Waltham additional funding for road work and transportation, according to an Oct. 24 Waltham Patch article. Waltham received $1,609,034 in the initial fiscal year 2019 funding report, but has now secured an extra $321,807, bringing the total to $1,930,841, according to the Patch article. 

The funds were part of a $40 million supplemental budget signed by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker on Oct. 23, an Oct. 27 USNews article reported. Governor Baker said the funding “represents [the Commonwealth’s] continued commitment to supporting communities as they address the maintenance and modernization of local roads.” 

The additional funding that Waltham received is part of the Chapter 90 Program. According to the MassGov Chapter 90 Program webpage, Chapter 90 funds are for “capital improvement such as highway construction, preservation, and improvement projects” and are designed to “create or extend life of capital facilities.” 

A MassGov blog post quoted Massachusetts Department of Transportation Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack, who explained that the Chapter 90 funding program is an effort by the Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito’s administration to work with local community leaders. 

So far, according to the same blog post, Chapter 90 transportation funds have helped 351 cities and towns throughout Massachusetts. The individual funding is based on a formula that takes various factors into account, such as road miles, population and city or town employment. “The Administration realizes local leaders often know best what capital improvements are needed at the local level,” Pollack said.

The same Patch article quoted LeBlanc as celebrating the additional funding Waltham received. LeBlanc said, “That’s great news that the Governor has given us a little more money. Perhaps the Governor has been spending some time driving on our streets.”