Brandeis Hillel hosted SukkA Capella last Wednesday in the Sherman sukkah, a temporary outdoor structure set up for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot to watch four different groups displayed their talent. Despite subpar weather and chemistry recitations, the event still had a large turnout, with many people coming to support their friends and rock out to good music. The host for the evening was Ezra Gershman ’21, a member of one of the groups, Manginah.  

Company B performed first. As a group that exclusively covers songs released at least 25 years ago, they sang one song: “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper. Like all the groups that succeeded them, they introduced their new members at the end of their set.

The next group to perform was Manginah, a co-ed Jewish acapella group. The first song was a somber — but beautiful — rendition of “On the Radio” by Regina Spektor. Then, they sang the Hebrew song “Melech Malchei Hamlachim.” 

The third group was Starving Artists, a co-ed group that coordinated their outfits in matching maroon and black. Ben Eisenstein ’20 and Fiona Grant ’21 belted out “Nirvana” by Sam Smith, and “Sandcastles” by Beyoncé was soloed by Erika Parris ’19. 

During the short intermission that followed, Gershman announced upcoming Hillel events. Then the evening’s last group, Ba’note, performed. Ba’note is a Jewish, female a capella group and both their songs were sung in Hebrew. The first one was “Yismichu” and the second was “Or Zaruah.” 

The show was entertaining, and it was great to get a sample of what each a capella group had to offer, and to be introduced to all the new members. One of Brandeis’ biggest strengths is the vast amount of creative talent present on its small campus, and it was wonderful to see these amazing singers assemble a show so early on in the semester. I can only anticipate more from these talented groups.