Congratulations to the graduating class of 2018! Looking back at your college experience, and your senior year specifically, what experiences and people stand out to you the most? In the course of your Brandeis experience, what moments will you look back on most fondly? 

Caroline Kaye ’18

What’s amazing about my time at Brandeis is that in four short years, I experienced a lifetime of wonderful and meaningful experiences, including ones that have helped me figure out my career path, friends that I will keep forever and connections with faculty that are invaluable to me. Special shout out to the incredible people I have met through the rowing team, psychology and education. In spite of gaining clarity, there is still much in life that by nature that is uncertain, but what has changed is that, thanks to Brandeis, I feel empowered and optimistic about the prospect of taking on whatever is put before me or the challenges that I seek out. Thank you to my amazing classmates – you are some of the most hard-working, passionate, well-rounded, empathetic and smart people I know. You inspire me by your example.
Caroline Kaye ’18 was a Psychology Undergraduate Departmental Representative.

Abraham Cheloff ’18

Four years ago, as I moved into Gordon Hall in North Quad, I never imagined that I would be where I am today. Graduating with three majors and two degrees, and starting medical school in the fall, Brandeis has given me more opportunities to succeed academically than I would have thought possible. However, it also became clear that surprises can appear around any corner at any time, for better or for worse. The faculty and staff at Brandeis, providing their mentorship and expertise to any student who seeks it, are instrumental in helping students achieve their dreams, and I would not be where I am without their support and guidance. If there is anything I took away from my time at Brandeis, it is that this world is filled with people who want to see you fall, but many more others who want to see you thrive.
Abraham Cheloff ’18 was a Biology Undergraduate Departmental Representative. He was also a teacher’s assistant for General Biology Lab and an undergraduate researcher in the Miller Lab. 

Alice Nam ’18

I remember in senior year of high school when I was deciding between colleges, I had absolutely no expectations for Brandeis. On a whim, my family and I came to Boston and visited. We were so surprised by how friendly everyone was, and how it felt like family. Now looking back on the past four years, family is exactly what comes to mind when I think of Brandeis. In my senior year, I was fortunate to take advantage of the great academic scene at Brandeis, being able to TA for “Physiology” and work as a research assistant in Prof. Stephen Van Hooser’s (BIOL) lab. It was the busiest and most difficult year by far, but it also led to the most self development. These experiences allowed me to foster leadership skills, and made me realize that teaching and mentoring is ultimately what I want to do as a career! I can’t lie, it was a stressful four years, but it challenged me to try and accomplish things I never thought were possible. I’ll always cherish the strong friendships I made here, and will be forever grateful for all the opportunities! PEACE.
Alice Nam ’18 was an event coordinator and Korean language table coordinator for the Brandeis Korean Students Association as well as a Korean Fan Dance leader. She was also an undergraduate research assistant in the Van Hooser lab. 

Sarah Zainelabdin ’18

I entered Brandeis as an eager pre-med STEM Posse scholar four years ago, determined to dive headfirst into the sciences. By the time sophomore year came around, you can imagine how I felt — burned out. This is when I discovered Anthropology. Brandeis’ interdisciplinary atmosphere allowed me to take the discussions I’ve had in my Anthropology courses and apply them to my Biology and Health: Science, Society and Policy majors. Yes, I’m a triple major, a very “Brandeisan” thing to be. Anthropology pushed me to study abroad in the United Kingdom at King’s College London’s health and society program. As I continue my education at SUNY Upstate Medical University pursuing my medical degree, my journey in Anthropology at Brandeis will illuminate that singular bullet requiring physicians to be “culturally competent.” Thank you to the department, to my professors, my TAs and to my peers for the stimulating conversations that helped me look beyond my “familiar.” And to the Class of 2018: Thank you, and congratulations.
Sarah Zainelabdin ’18 was the publicity coordinator for Brandeis’ Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students, an Undergraduate Departmental Representative for Biology, the Upperclassmen Representative for the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science and a supplemental instruction leader in Chemistry. She was also a Student Support Services peer tutor in General and Organic Chemistry.