justArts: What was the first production you took part in at Brandeis?  Did it impact you in any lasting way?

Rebecca Myers: My first production at Brandeis was “Conference of the Birds” and it was an amazing experience. Looking back on it, a lot of people were miserable doing it, but the students really banded together and became very close. That was also my introduction into the Department [of Theater Arts,] so it was when I first met all of the theater professors that guided me my past four years. 

JA: What was your most awkward moment in your time participating in Brandeis theater?

RM: In “Martyr,” I had to take my shirt off during a scene and the first time we ran that scene I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to even do that part.  I didn’t know how we were doing it in rehearsal, so Dmitry [Troanovsky (THA)] ended up having to ask me (and my scene partner Raphael [Stigliano ’18]) how naked we thought my character would get. 

JA:  What do you feel is your crowning artistic achievement at Brandeis?

RM: My freshman-year role as a cheerleader in “Grease.” Just kidding. “Into The Woods,” definitely. 

JA: What is your favorite class that you took at Brandeis, and why?

RM: “Advanced Shakespeare!” Not a theater class, but brilliantly taught. 

JA: What advice would you give yourself this time three years ago?

RM: I should have gotten into tech earlier and declared my majors earlier. And I’d have told myself to take a language class first thing and to not let relationships die as easily as I did. 

JA: What are your post-graduation plans, if you have any? If not — what are you looking forward to this summer?

RM: I’m gonna be auditioning for things! This summer, a play I am writing is going up in a theater and I’m acting in a show.

—Maya Zanger-Nadis