On Sunday, April 15, Ridgewood Commons served as a stage for several student groups to showcase their talent for admitted students and their families. One of these groups was Vaskrik, a Korean hip-hop dance group featuring first-year students Chenxi Dai ’21, Yaxi Huang ’21, Yimeng Huang ’21, Yuning Liu ’21, Yuechen Ta ’21 and Zhixin Tan ’21. This group performed three pieces and displayed some of the most remarkable coordination I have seen in a dance group. The first piece was a more traditional hip-hop group style, making use of jerking and breaking moves with quickly changing formations. The second piece was solo-based, which gave individual members a chance to demonstrate talent in solo pieces that featured slower moves. For the third piece, they invited young members from the audience to come onstage and dance with them. In addition, the outfits that the troop members wore complemented their moves well. Each member wore a red top and black bottoms, but the types of tops and bottoms they chose were all different, expressing their personal fashion choices and highlighting each of their dance styles. Hopefully, Vaskrik will continue to perform at more events in the future and show us their unique style of dance.