Last Sunday afternoon, overcome by a mid-April winter storm, eager audience members packed into Ridgewood Commons to see a dance performance from Toxic. The group, Brandeis’ only majorette dance crew, was anything but bogged down by the bog that forced them into the rain location, delivering a characteristically fierce performance set to the track of “Freedom” by Beyoncé. The dancers — poised, crackling and confident — were on fire. Toxic has a way of bringing a unique energy into a room, one that they not only imbue their performances with but also share with their audiences, creating a collective experience that feels almost spiritual, if not downright heavenly. One audience member appropriately cheered for the group rather vocally throughout their routine, as if speaking for everybody in the room. The evident commitment in the dances that Toxic performs bolsters the energy, leaving you begging for more. When they exited through a back door after their dance for the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts, there was not a disappointed audience member to be found. Put simply, there are not enough praises to sing about Toxic. These ladies know how to put on a show, and they deliver it flawlessly.