Children dancing. Students dancing. Adults dancing. Grandparents dancing. This was the effect Kotoko Brass had on its audience in the tent on the Great Lawn last Sunday. The group performed blends of West African, Japanese and American styles of music with a saxophone player, a trombone player, a keyboard player, a drummer on a traditional drum set and two men playing various types of African drums. The atmosphere was electric. My fingers were moving to the beat of the drums as I typed away messages dragging people into the tent. The music boomed across the Great Lawn through the drizzle. The musicians went on 5-minute-long solos over steady drumming beats, but the fun really started when the drummers themselves began their solos. There was not a frown in the tent. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time dancing and tapping their feet during what I feel was the best performance of the festival that I attended last week.