Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation and Creative Writing students now have a space to relax, be inspired and create on campus, following Monday’s opening of the CAST Resource Room in the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life.

Marcelo Brociner ’18 organized and implemented the creation of the Resource Room as a project for his senior year. He worked with and was mentored by Prof. Elizabeth Bradfield (ENG) and the Rose Art Museum’s deputy director, Kristin Parker, both members of the CAST Advisory Committee.

In an email to the Justice, Brociner described the project as “designing a room that would serve as a space devoted to the creative endeavors of students in the CAST minor” and the Creative Writing program. 

The Resource Room opened on Monday as a part of the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life’s 20th anniversary celebration. Describing what he sees as the connection between the Resource Room and the Center that houses it, Brociner wrote, “I think the Resource Room and the Center are connected in that the work being done in the Ethics Center is inspiring, important, and progressive, and we want to increase the number of spaces on campus that are devoted to helping students do that same work through a creative lens.”

Brociner worked with CAST students and faculty to formulate his vision for the Resource Room, which would provide a place for students to work on their creative projects and to collaborate with others. For Brociner, the goal was to create a space which would “foster creativity” and “help students ... relax,” something he thinks is rare on the University campus.

To this end, Brociner filled the room with resources both for creative inspiration and relaxation. Bradfield and Parker donated “literary magazines, art books, and poetry journals” as well as sketching supplies, according to Brociner in the same email. These resources are intended to inspire and facilitate students’ own work.

The Resource Room also includes “a lava lamp, a zen garden, a tea station, and a speaker for people to play music of their choice,” according to Brociner, as well as an inflatable couch. 

Additionally, the walls of the room are painted yellow to give the space “some positive energy,” Brociner wrote.

The Resource Room is Room 327 in the Ethics Center, located in the Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex. It will be open during the same hours as the Ethics Center: Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The space is reserved for Creative Writing and CAST students.