The Senate convened for its weekly meeting on Sunday, voting on two Senate Money Resolutions. 

Student Union Vice President Hannah Brown ’19 encouraged the Senate to attend an open meeting with Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mark Brimhall-Vargas to learn about the University’s efforts to become more inclusive since the Ford Hall 2015 protest. 

Services and Outreach Committee Chair and Executive Senator Aaron Finkel ’20 said he wished for his committee to take over the “Take Your Professor Out to Lunch” program.

Sustainability Committee Chair Benedikt Reynolds ’19 stated that he reached out to the Department of Community Living and the Environmental Studies Department about working with them on the Environmental Ambassadors Program.

Dining Committee Chair Jonathan Chen ’20 stated that the committee discussed the Lunar New Year menu. Chen added that food waste has increased 20-30 percent since last semester. 

International Student Senator Linfei Yang ’20 spoke for Club Support Committee Chair Tal Richtman ’20. Yang stated that last week’s committee meeting was inefficient, lasting for over three hours. Yang added that he would be creating a new guidebook for club leaders to be released after February break. 

Class of 2018 Senator Matt Kowalyk introduced an SMR for Student Union pins. Kowalyk stated that he hoped that Student Union members would wear the buttons to “increase visibility” and increase exposure to “do more partnering events.”

The Senate passed the SMR.

Off-Campus Senator Matt Stenerson ’18 stated that he spoke with Assistant Dean Stephanie Grimes to plan an event for students currently living off-campus and those planning to in the future. The event will be in the game room on Feb. 27. 

Class of 2021 Senator Rachel McAllister introduced an SMR for ordering lollipops and merchandise tags for a Valentine’s Day tabling event. McAllister stated that students would be able to send a message accompanied by a lollipop to friends. 

The Senate passed the SMR.

East Quad Senator Samantha Barrett ’20 stated that multiple students have complained of extremely noisy heaters in the quad, which have prevented them from getting adequate sleep and completing their work. Class of 2018 Senator Abhishek Kulkarni added that this is also a problem at the Charles River Apartments. 

Ridgewood Quad Senator Leigh Salomon ’19 reported that Ridgewood residents do not have the ability to control the temperature of their rooms, and that he will meet with Facilities Services to look into the issue.

Massell Quad Senator Qingtian Mei ’21 reported that the card reader in one of the quad’s laundry rooms is broken. Mei stated that the Campus Card Office and Facilities promised to fix it, but had not yet done so.

Kowalyk reported that the Community Emergency Enhancement Fund will be creating a guide of past projects it has funded, to give potential applicants a better idea of what kinds of projects the CEEF Committee is looking for.  

—Emily Blumenthal

Editor’s note: Leigh Salomon ’19 is a Features writer for the Justice.