Sara Fulton ’20 — “The most romantic place in Waltham is definitely the river walk on Moody Street. In the summer, the light glistens on the water just right at sunset, and when you walk with your partner, it’s almost like you’re walking into the sunset. There’s plenty of places to stop and stare and great opportunities for great photos. It’s pretty much what I feel like is a clip from a romantic film in real life.”

Goldie Davoudgoleh ’20 — “For those couples who like being outdoors, hiking or nature walks, the Beavor Brook North Reservation in north Waltham is a really nice place to go when it’s not too cold. The reservation, with easily accessible trails and plenty of pretty nature scenes is a great place to visit with your significant other this Valentine’s Day.”

Emily Arkin ’20 — “I really like the tapas bar on Main Street. It’s a little expensive, but the food is great, and the lighting is super romantic.”

Olivia Perozo ’20 — “I really like Global Thrift, just walking around that place with someone who also enjoys thrift shops is a great experience.”

Talia Gerard ’20 — “Anywhere along the Charles River is a nice place to relax and enjoy the natural world and all its beauty.”

Rebecca Albuquerque ’20 — “Outside the castle, outside of Chum’s to be precise, you can see the Boston skyline, which is especially romantic at night. It’s beautiful there.”

Caroline Greaney ’21 — “I don’t think there are many romantic spots on campus, but there are a couple places in the Waltham area where you can look out at the water that have some romantic potential.”

Jason Lin ’21 — “A fine dining restaurant in Waltham like Flank, because they have amazing steak. I’ve always wanted to go.”

Sophia Warszawski ’21 — “I’m not sure. I haven’t been looking at campus through a romantic lens, but, I guess, Massel Pond.”

Ivy Gao ’21 — “The bench around Massell pond, because I always see couples sitting there together.”

Pallavi Goe ’21 — “On campus, maybe the center of North Quad. It’s not private, but it’s a really nice place to hang out when it’s green and nice outside. As for Waltham, I’m not sure. Soleas tapas is a really nice restaurant for date night, and it has a really romantic atmosphere.”

Lucy Frenkel ’21 — “At the top of the castle, because you can see the whole campus, which is really cute.”

Jamie Huang ’21 — “Massell pond, because there’s a willow tree and a bench under the willow tree where couples sit and look out over the pond. In autumn, different colored leaves from the tree fall, which is pretty romantic.”

Jacob Margolis ’21 — “I haven’t really been to Waltham, and I guess it’s not really “on campus,” but the Sakura Woods behind the park, which is also near the business school is romantic.”

Angeliki Mougiou ’21 — “I can’t think of many places on campus or in Waltham, but I think that a romantic place on campus is the area around the pond near Bethlehem Chapel.”

Katherine Sadowsky ’21 — “The secret garden, when it’s nice out.”

Elizabeth Li ’21 — “Massell pond is pretty romantic. Also, on the second floor of the library, there are study spots for two, which is kind of cute.”

Linda Xie ’21 — “The bench at Massell pond, because I saw some people’s names there, and one couple met at that bench.”

Anke Larsen Yskamp ’21 — “On campus, that bench on the rock next to the math building. Good for stargazing or a picnic. I don’t know about Waltham but I’ll say that the Cafe on the Common is a good date spot.”

Nathan Strauss ’21 — “Most romantic activities include casually brushing hands when in long lines at the Stein, sharing a candle-lit dinner in Lower Usdan, enjoying a cozy night in the luxury of freshman housing.” 

Audrey Zhu ’21 — “The picnic table area between the Science Complex and Gerstenzang. Also, the heart-shaped pond near the chapels where if you walk three times with someone around it, you have to kiss or else you get to push them into the pond.”