Parents, alumni and undergraduate students gathered in the Shapiro Campus Center theater on Sunday afternoon to see the Hooked on Tap (HOT) semester show: “HOT Off the Press!” HOT is an all-inclusive tap group that is completely student-run and all their pieces are student-directed and choreographed.

The show opened with an energetic piece, featuring the entire HOT ensemble, titled “Let ‘Em Talk,” choreographed by Hannah Suib ’19. The performance was followed by “Castle on the Hill,” choreographed by Siobhan McKenna ’20.  McKenna, Siena de Benditis ’21, Julie Joseph ’18 and Rebecca Weiss ’21 then performed an untitled a cappella piece that Ilana Blumen ’21 had choreographed with the assistance of Rachel Lese ’21.

Groups performed 15 pieces in total during the show; all entertaining, though the later ones drew more applause as the crowd warmed up.  Renee Korgood ’20, for example, composed a crazy-genius routine, “Tightrope of Weird,” featuring seven well-synchronized dancers sporting brightly patterned knee-high socks and tapping along to “Crazy = Genius” by Panic! At the Disco.  

Other high-energy hits included “Valerie” and “Feel it Still,” choreographed by duo Alexa Diehl ’19 and Sara Terrazano ’19 and by Rachel Moore ’19, respectively. 

The alumnae even joined in on the fun! They performed an upbeat routine, choreographed by Hannah Brooks ’16 and rehearsed only once.  Somehow, they did a brilliant job despite the last-minute nature of their preparation, and they made it look easy in matching tie-dye T-shirts.   

“HOT Off the Press!” also featured guest groups from neighboring universities. On Tap, Boston College’s all-tap dance team, and a new group only in its third year, absolutely blew away the crowd in their matching red lacy costumes and heaps of attitude in “You Don’t Know Me.”

The Harvard TAPS showcased their school’s talent with a lively piece set to the popular hit “New Rules” by Dua Lipa.  Boston University, however, might have had the most impressive of the guest groups.  Their group, BU on Tap, combined two routines, “You’re the Best” and “Sleepwalker.” The result was simply elegant and a delight to watch. 

Overall, “HOT Off the Press!” was an impressive display of students’ talent in the performing arts. Aside from the actual tap dancing, the song choices (particularly the Panic! At the Disco track) were also quite good, and the lighting design was superb.  Nearly every routine appeared well-rehearsed, and the costumes were simple but striking.  Most importantly, however, the audience was able to share in the dancers’ excitement and joy as they performed. 

—Editor’s note: Rachel Moore ’20, a Justice copy editor, performed .