The University will hold an emergency active shooter training drill in the University library from 6 a.m. to noon on March 21, according to a Feb. 5 email from Director of Public Safety Edward Callahan. 

Through interactive role-play, the drill will simulate an active shooter event “designed to test multiple facets of our preparedness,” including emergency protocols, technologies and staff training, wrote Callahan. Police, firefighters and other Waltham emergency teams will also test their ability to work with the University’s first responders. 

Within the library, simulated ammunition sounding like real gunfire will be used, and emergency vehicle sirens will be heard as they enter campus. “For the drill to be effective, it must seem as real as possible to all those participating in the exercise. At the same time, everyone’s safety will be protected,” Callahan wrote in the email. 

Class and event schedules will be unaffected by the drill, and other University operations are to proceed as normal. Areas around the library will be cordoned off and the library itself will be closed to all except drill participants until noon. 

Signage will be posted around campus to alert visitors about the drill, and the Brandeis Emergency Notification System will deliver messages to all members of the University community through voice, email and text alerts during and after the exercise. 

The email asks that individuals make sure to visit the BENS registration page to update their emergency contact information prior to the drill, and to prepare for the library’s morning closure. Printers will be available at the Shapiro Campus Center during the drill. 

If an actual emergency occurs during the drill, the email notes that a BENS alert indicating “This is not a test” will be sent and actual emergency protocols will proceed.  

Information and future updates about the drill will be posted on the Department of Public Safety website, accessible with Brandeis UNet ID and password. 

—Michelle Dang