The fencing teams finished their Northeast Fencing Conference campaigns on Sunday with impressive showings at Boston College. The men clinched their third NFC crown in four years with an undefeated 10-0 record, and the women finished a strong third place with a 9-3 record, besting some of the top programs in the region. As the Judges finish their NFC campaign, they are tied with Boston College with an overall record of 19-3. 

The men narrowly beat out Brown University and Boston College in their first two matches of the day, going 15-12 in each match. The Judges picked up wins in foil and epee against Brown, taking down host BC with a 5-4 victory in foil and a 6-3 win in epee. BC narrowly earned a 5-4 win in saber. The Judges dominated in their final four matches against club squads from Vassar College (23-4), Dartmouth College (22-5), Tufts University (21-6) and the University of Florida (23-4). 

Men’s foil saw great success at the meet, going 6-0 on the day and proving the only squad to defeat both Brown (5-4) and BC (6-3). The squad lost only one match in all the others combined. Elishua Litle ’18 and Ian Quin ’20 led the squad to victory with seven wins each, going 7-1 and 7-2, respectively. The event was a success for veteran and rookie fencers alike, with Tristan Barca-Hall ’21, Sam Chestna ’20 and Trevor Filseth ’20 all going 6-0 against a slew of mostly club opponents. Rookie Alek Broszkowski ’21 had a standout day, holding his own against club opponents and going 7-0. 

The epeeists posted a respectable 4-2 record, with Hunter Stusnick ’18 leading the squad with an 8-3 record, tying for the most wins on the team for the day. Men’s saber fared similarly with a 4-2 record, their two defeats coming by slim margins at 5-4 scores and three of their wins by 9-0 shutouts. Kyle Berney ’18 matched Stusnick’s win total, posting 8-3 on the day. 

The women’s team started the day with a rocky start, falling to Brown and BC by identical 17-10 scores. The losses were a sour start to the meet, with the Judges suffering defeats by slim margins. Like the men, the women’s team also saw success in bouts against the other squads, going undefeated against Dartmouth (18-9), Vassar (19-8), Tufts (16-11) and the Florida club team (20-7). 

Foil and epee cleared the way for the women’s team, with each going 5-1 on the day. Foilist Renee Pite ’19 dominated with a 10-4 record, and teammates Joanne Carminucci ’19 and Jessica Gets ’20 followed close behind with eight wins apiece. 

Women’s epee had a fantastic showing, marking a pair of 9-0 wins. Their only loss was a close one at 5-4. Dakota Levy ’20 was the clear frontrunner, ending the day with an 11-3 record. Rookie Jamie Noh ‘21 wasn’t too far behind, notching 10-2 on the day and making her another one to watch. Liz Feller ’18 wore two hats on Sunday, going 8-1 in epee before picking up a saber in the final two matches and going 5-1 against club squads from Florida and Dartmouth. 

Both teams will look to keep the momentum going on Saturday at the Eric Sollee Invitational. The Judges will have the home field advantage as they host Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Haverford College and New York University in an event leading up to the National Collegiate Athletic Association championships later in March.