The University went on lockdown for just over two hours shortly before midnight on Monday following a report of an armed suspect on campus.

The initial alert, sent out at 11:54 p.m. via the Brandeis University Emergency Notification System, told students to “take shelter in the nearest room, lock doors and windows, silence your cell phone, and remain quiet. Do not let anyone into the room until area is deemed clear by authorities.”

A phone alert sent out via BENS added that University Police has received a report of an armed robbery in one of the residence halls and that there were two suspects and a “possible firearm shown.”

The Justice has received multiple unconfirmed reports that the residence hall in question was East Quad. This story will be updated online as more information is substantiated.

University Police Patrolman Dustin Botelho told the Boston Globe that there was no active shooter on campus, according to a Nov. 21 Globe article. 

The shelter in place was lifted at 2:09 a.m. on Tuesday.

—Abby Patkin