Eli Wasserman ’20 and Rehman Ibrahim ’19 presented to the Senate on behalf of the Brandeis Society for International Affairs for probationary status. Wasserman stated that Boston is a hub for international affairs and that bringing various speakers and allowing the community to engage with various nongovernmental organizations would be beneficial. Wasserman also said that BSIA would serve as a space outside of the classroom to discuss international affairs.

Class of 2018 Senator Abhishek Kulkarni was concerned that the club had a duality of purpose with the International and Global Studies Program. Racial Minority Senator Hangil Ryu ’20 asked whether or not the IGS Department brings in speakers and if BSIA is needed to fill that niche. Rosenthal Quad Senator Elizabeth Dabanka ’20 added that students would be more interested in seeing speakers if they were brought in by a club, rather than as a class provided by the IGS Program. Student Union Vice President Hannah Brown ’19 is an Undergraduate Departmental Representative for the IGS Department and stated that the department does not have the resources to bring in speakers for the student body.East Quad Senator Samantha Barrett ’20 added that the club could serve as an outlet for non-IGS majors interested in international affairs, as well as for IGS majors.

The Senate voted to give probationary status to the Society for International Affairs.

Zach Goldblatt ’19 presented on behalf of the Water Polo Club. Goldblatt petitioned for funding for lifeguards so the team can practice outside of the pool’s open swim hours. He stated that the team has been growing and the club’s goal is to have a large enough membership base for two teams to scrimmage. The Senate voted to give probationary status to the Water Polo Club, also voting to charter the Drawing Club.

Brown and Executive Senator Aaron Finkel ’20 announced that they met with Joy von Strieger from the Brandeis Counseling Center. During their meeting, the three discussed problems with understaffing and the need for more staff of color and an in-house drug and alcohol counselor.

Brown also discussed adding two Turkey Shuttle extensions this year due to high demand.

Finkel stated that he and Chief of Union Affairs Nathan Greess ’19 are working to make the Allocations Board and Executive Board more transparent by providing briefs to the newspapers. 

Dining Committee Chair and Class of 2020 Senator Jonathan Chen stated that the University has a new executive chef, and Sodexo will be providing a trip for students to the New England Coffee store.

Class of 2020 Senator Tal Richtman, chair of the Club Support Committee, stated that the committee decided the Dance Marathon Club should not be a club because it only holds one event. Richtman reminded the Senate that the committee’s workshop will be held on Nov. 9 at 7 p.m.

Sustainability Committee Chair and Class of 2019 Senator Benedikt Reynolds said that some of the committee’s members will be going to Emerson College to have a joint event with other universities’ sustainability organizations, also learning about what they do for sustainability. Reynolds mentioned that he is meeting with Assistant Director of First-Year Programs and Orientation Scott Berozi about a potential sustainability event during first-year orientation.

Richtman stated that the Senate Money Resolution for food for the Club Support Workshop was approved. Richtman introduced an SMR for funding for travel expenses for the workshop speaker. The Senate voted to pass the SMR. Finkel introduced a new SMR to add another Turkey Shuttle from New York to Brandeis due to high demand. The Senate voted to pass the SMR.

Senator at Large Shaquan McDowell ’18 reported that he and Class of 2021 Senator Rachel McAllister will be meeting with Library Services to discuss the problem of first-years not understanding the policies on library items for loan and accruing overdraft fees.

Ryu met with Elias Rosenfeld ’20 about supporting Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients. Ryu and Rosenfeld drafted a letter to the Senate and House of Representatives in support of DACA. 

—Emily Blumenthal

Editor’s note: Elias Rosenfeld ’20 is a columnist for the Justice.