The Student Association for The Right to Immigration Institute came before the Senate for chartering during Sunday’s meeting. Recognized as a club since November, TRII serves to train community members to represent a portion of the 700,000 national pending and backlogged immigration cases in U.S. courts. Student representatives at the meeting told senators that they intend to use funding for their members’ professional training, as well as to sponsor an annual Brandeis Citizenship Day, an event that offers a perspective on immigration to get people involved in the issue, in addition to providing services in the Waltham community. After the club’s presentation, senators opined that the club has a very well-prepared funding plan and has done impressive work. The Senate voted to charter TRII in a unanimous vote.

Student Union Vice President Paul Sindberg ’18 reminded the Senate that the Student Union’s spring election debate is occurring today, March 14, from 7 to 9 p.m. to be co-facilitated by the Justice and the Brandeis Hoot. The debate will potentially be hosted in the Student Union offices or the Shapiro Campus Center Multipurpose Room.

Additionally, Sindberg announced that the number of clubs still on probation for failing to complete bystander training has stagnated at approximately 20 to 30 clubs. These clubs may still sign up for training on the Office of Prevention services website.

Class of 2019 Senator Kate Kesselman, the Dining Committee chair, said that the committee is hoping to put the Vegan Club in greater communication with dining services. The student group and additional constituents are looking for more vegan and vegetarian options in the dining halls.

Club Support Committee member and Racial Minority Group Senator Lian Chen ’19 reminded the Senate of the public relations workshop open to all club leaders occurring on March 21. She said the workshop is a great tool for club leaders to become educated on how to reach out to the community, as well as how to publish and promote their materials. The committee is also working on travel record plans for the University to better monitor and keep track of club travel plans and safety protocols.

Massell Quad Senator Aaron Finkel ’20, Campus Operations Working Group chair, said that the committee has partnered with Student Sexuality Information Services to execute the menstrual product provision test program. The committee expects to get a working order finalized soon. Additionally, the committee is fulfilling constituents’ request for hand sanitizer dispensers to be placed in more convenient locations around student centers.

To address recent Senate attendance issues, Senator-at-Large Nathan Grees ’19 announced a bylaw amendment plan to clarify attendance policies and penalties. This includes defining late, excused and absent, as well as creating a publicly accessible record of attendance for constituents to hold their representatives accountable.

Executive Senator Hannah Brown ’19 announced that the Services and Outreach committee had reviewed Joseph’s Transportation quotas and decided not to order an April-break New York City shuttle. The Student Union, however, will be providing shuttles to and from Logan Airport and South Station. Official times will be reserved and posted in coming weeks.

—Michelle Dang