The men’s basketball team posted a 1-2 record over break, winning their final game of the season. Closing out the month with a win against New York University, the team bookended the tough month of February with victories and punched in their final overall record at 8-16.

Judges 86, NYU 80

The Judges opened up the game with a fresh lead to go up 45-32 at the half. Forward Jordan Cooper ’18 poured in 12 points and six rebounds, only to be outmatched by guard Robinson Vilmont ’17 who nabbed 12 points and seven rebounds for the first half. The Judges shot a hot 47 percent from the field and knocked down a bevy of 3s, going a remarkable 66.7 percent from long range. 

The Judges cooled down in the second half, taking their foot off the pedal and allowing NYU to outscore them 48-41. Cooper and Vilmont added nine and seven points, respectively, but the true hero was guard Eric D’Aguanno ’20 who went 3-for-6 from the 3-point range and tacked on two free throws for 11 second-half points. D’Aguanno finished with an impressive 19 points, tied with Vilmont and just shy of Cooper’s 21. 

The Judges crashed the boards for 48 total rebounds, with Vilmont leading the way with 12, marking a double-double for the talented graduating senior. 

Graduating guard Jack Fay ’17 posted 11 points on 3-of-5 shooting from beyond the arc, while guard Tim Reale ’17 posted a near double-double with 10 points and an impressive nine boards.  

The Judges swept NYU for the first time since the 2008 season, defeating them 80-69 in early January as well. 

Judges 91, WashU 95

The Judges loss against Washington University in St. Louis won’t be remembered for the final score, but rather for the squad's prolific offensive play and record-setting performance. The Judges shot out of the the gate, knocking down 59.3 percent of their shots and connecting on 10 first-half 3-pointers. 

Fay led the pack, knocking down an unheard-of 100 percent of his 3-pointers to post 17 points in the first-half alone. 

Cooper followed behind Fay with 12 points and a duo of 3s. 

Despite their shooting the Judges were down by two going into the second half. 

The team managed to eclipse its first-half totals, shooting 61.3 percent from the field and 63.6 percent from beyond the arc. 

Cooper tacked on another 13 points and Vilmont added 16 on 6-for-7 shooting. The Judges could not grab onto a lead though, falling 49-47 in the second half and 95-91 at the final whistle. 

The Judges’ red-hot shooting from the 3-point line earned them a University-record 17 3-pointers for a single game. With Vilmont’s first 3-point shot, he became the 13th player in school history to hit 100 career 3-pointers. 

Fay set a career-high points total with 23 points, two shy of Cooper.

The Judges finished the day with 60.4 percent shooting, a feat propelled by Fay’s and Cooper’s sharpshooting skills. 

Judges 74, Chicago 82

The Judges fell in a tough loss, extending their losing streak to four games for the month of February. The team shot well from the field, with 52 percent shooting, but was unable to match the University of Chicago’s pace of play in the second half.

The Judges were neck and neck with Chicago in the first half, closing it out down only one point. The Judges were hot, connecting on their first 7 of 8 shots and knocking down 64 percent of their first-half shots. Cooper paved the way with 13 points on 5-of-5 shooting, followed by Vilmont’s six points on 3-of-5 shooting from the field. 

The Judges could not keep up the pace, shooting 42 percent from the field and only 33.3 percent from long range. D’Aguanno put the team on his back, posting 14 points on 5-of-5 shooting.