University Police informed students of several unrelated incidents they are investigating off-campus in a string of emails this week.

On Nov. 1, Director of Public Safety Edward Callahan wrote to the student body about a case of breaking and entry into a student’s Highland Street apartment.

According to Callahan, the incident took place on Oct. 31, and “personal items were moved and stolen.”

In the same email, Callahan wrote that another student was followed home by a black Honda Fit vehicle on Oct. 30. Police are investigating the office park and garage area, where the incident took place.

On Nov. 4, Callahan wrote that a student on Dartmouth Street was awoken the previous night by a window screen moving up and down. The student did not see anyone, nor did University Police find anything when they investigated.

Campus police are also looking into a “quarter-sized marking described as a swastika” that was found on a door in the men’s bathroom on Nov. 3, according to an email to the campus from Interim University Librarian Matthew Sheehy.

Maintenance staff removed the marking, and University Police spoke to a few students in the area, none of whom could identify the person who drew the figure.

Sheehy wrote that “while there may be multiple interpretations of the symbol in question — some have suggested it was not a swastika, but another kind of symbol — the use of a swastika as a symbol of hate is unacceptable and runs directly counter to our shared community values.”

University Police could not be reached for comment by press time.

—Max Moran