On Saturday, Relay for Life held its annual relay event in Gosman Sports and Convocation Center, raising $54,000 for the American Cancer Society.

The event began at 5 p.m. on Saturday and lasted through 5 a.m. Sunday. It had a pre-registration turnout of 57 teams—totaling 627 people—with another 100 people registering for Relay at the event, according to Judith Giller-Leinwohl ’15, who helped organize the event along with Lindsay Fitzpatrick ’15.

“Every Relay is unique because every Relay brings different people, fighting cancer for different reasons,” Giller-Leinwohl wrote in an email to the Justice.

Saturday’s Relay featured many events throughout the night, including on-site fundraising activities. Brandeis clubs gathered to perform throughout the night, starting with a cappella group Ba’Note before the Opening Ceremony at 6 p.m. After the Relay officially began, a cappella group Rather Be Giraffes, dance troupe KAOS Kids and comedy improv group False Advertising performed.

After the Luminaria ceremony—a memorial dedication where participants crack glowsticks inside luminaria bags to commemorate loved ones—a cappella group Up The Octave performed, followed by South Asian dance crew Chak De. The Relay closed with a “Fight Back” ceremony and a closing ceremony.

“Brandeis Relay is unique in its Luminaria ceremony, which many people remember as the most moving part of the night,” Giller-Leinwohl wrote.

“[The Luminaria ceremony] is very emotional and very moving, providing the opportunity for people to come together and to be a reminder that no one has to go through this alone,” Fitzpatrick wrote in an email to the Justice. “It is a bit heart-breaking to see how many glowsticks get thrown into the bag, but it is a beautiful reminder that we can all support each other through these difficult experiences, and that we are raising money in the hopes that in the near future, many fewer glowsticks will be put into that bag.”

Brandeis’ Relay For Life fundraising goal this year was $60,000 while their goal assigned by the American Cancer Society was $53,000, according to Giller-Leinwohl. The fundraising will continue through August.

“I just want people to know that Relay For Life is so much more than just a fun night,” Giller-Leinwohl wrote in her email.

“The money raised really does change lives, whether it’s through research, education, advocacy, or patient services, Brandeis is helping to save lives and quality of life through their fundraising efforts.”